Creating a New Commission Plan                                                                                                                                      

Creating a new commission plan in SuperSalon is a very easy process that involves just a few steps. For this example, we will be creating a seniority bonus for employees with tenure.





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Create a Commission Plan in SuperSalon

Step 1: From anywhere in SuperSalon, select “Setup”, and then “Payroll/Bonuses”.

Step 2: From the main the Payroll/Bonuses interface, select the “Commission” button located in the far right of the upper button array.


Step 3: Using the “Select a Plan” drop-down appearing in this interface, select “Create New Plan”

Step 4: In the Commission Plan Form section of the interface, create a unique name for the new commission plan, our example shows it as “Seniority Bonus”. And because this is a bonus dependent on how much time staff member has been with the organization, select “Tenure Bonus” for the plan type.


Step 5: The example below shows a flat dollar amount bonus based on the amount of months worked. SuperSalon users have the choice of either doing this flat rate, or a commission of everything sold.

Also the choice of having sales revenue based on net or gross is available, as are several other details that users are encouraged to explore. When all the desired options for the commission plan have been elected, using the “Save Commission Plan" button will lock the plan into SuperSalon.

Step 6: With the Commission Plan saved, it will then be available for staff members who qualify for it by applying it to their employee profile.



Video Tutorial: Create a New Commission Plan